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On Call advice

  1. 0 Hi, looking for input from other units as to how they run on-call/stand-by. Our hospital is trying to institute it, but it's causing much discussion! They want p/t ONLY to take 3 consective 12 hour weekend nights on call. This seems brutal. If it runs well on your unit would appreciate knowing:

    *do f/t and p/t do call?
    *do you do 12 hour shifts?
    *is unit covered by call 24/7 or just weekends/nights?
    *what is premium pay for call?
    *what are your nurses paid when called back in for busy unit but NOT the designated on call person?

    And anything else you can think of. We are an L&D unit but do our own c.sections.

    Thanks! CIVICgalz in Ontario, Canada
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    Ft and Pt do call.
    12 hour shifts on weekends
    staffed 24/7/365. eve, w/e and holiday calls
    call pay $5/hr
    $25 plus diff. (only if requested for spontaneous call back)

    This info is for OR. I don't know anything about L&D.
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    We are a small hospital; averaging maybe two call ins per month...and are rural...

    We take call one week at a time from the time we get off work one day until the time we return the next day, and take 24 hr week end call.

    Our call pay is $2.50/hr, and time plus half if we go in for a case.

    This is rural Missouri...

    Also, PT nurses commit to call for at least the night of the days they work, and only PRN nurses are NOT required to cover call.