Nursing Student Needs to Interview an O.R. Nurse for Mid Term

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    Hello, I am a Nursing Student in Jacksonville, Florida. I am also a Surgical Technologist. I have a mid-term due on Monday. Part of this project is to interview an Operating Room Nurse for about 10 minutes regarding the job. I know I can do this off the top of my head without interviewing, but another person's perspective is always helpful and isightful. I am not employed as a surgival tech so do not have access to or nurses. Anyone willing to help with this iterview via email please respond to this thread.

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    Sure, I don't mind helping you out.
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    Thank you so much. I found someone in my church who has been a nurse for forty years. She helped me through the mid-term paper. That was so nice and thoughtful of you. If I need anymore help can i call on you?
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    Certainly. It might be a great deal easier to do a face to face interview. If I can Help, let me know.

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