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Hi, I am a 23 year old girl living in Colorado. I graduated with my RN, BSN in May and have been working at a LTC rehab facility. I was just offered a job in an OR training program that has 6 months of training with 3 years of a... Read More

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    I did a periop program with a 2 year contract at a local hospital. The OR was so not for me the contract makes you feel so stuck. THis particular OR was very toxic. I would recommend against it unless you are 99% sure this is were you want to be. I know the program you are talking about it used to be 2 years. Good luck

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    Hi there! I definitely know the OR is not for everybody. I did a ton of research on what OR nurses do before I agreed to start in the OR. I was lucky enough to get into a 12 month training program, and I absolutely love it. You have to do what is right for you. OR nursing is tough (like all nursing is!), so if you don't think you'll love it, I would suggest trying a different nursing field, or researching more about OR nursing. Good luck
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    What training program did you do? I am looking so hard for one and I am having no luck

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