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  1. So my wife's brother just finished his residency and landed a job with a private group as general surgeon. The practice works out of two separate hospitals in Arizona. He asked me to get certified to do first assist for him. I have no OR experience. After looking into it I am considering becoming a ACNP, so I can first assist and round on pt's outside the OR. I would try to get a job in the OR as a RN while in NP school to gain OR exp.

    From looking at other post NP's don't necessarily need to get RNFA certified as it depends on the hospital you are working in if they require it; is this correct?

    I am getting burned out on floor nursing and think I would enjoy this line of work more. Would this be a lucrative field to get into; being able to bill for the first assisting and bill for the NP work outside the OR? Or would it be better to become a RNFA with out the stress and cost of NP school?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I'm an ACNP in General Surgery in Texas, and I had to complete a RNFA program, but I think Texas may be the only state that requires it. I work out of 6 hospitals, and only one would not allow me to first assist before having completed a RNFA program.

    As for the return of investment by becoming a NP, I will say that the advantages are in being able to bill for services on Medicaid and Medicare cases, and for procedures done outside of the OR, which is the biggie. You'll be trained as an ACNP to start central lines, and there will be plenty of consults. Good luck to you.
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    Thank you for your help
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    Anyone know the rules for NPs first assisting in NY state?