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  1. I currently work as a PCA at a hospital. I am going to school for nursing, but I have thought about getting my surgical tech certification. So that I can transfer to the OR department in my hospital and still continue schooling(im going the community college route, then transfering to a university). Do you think this is a good stepping stone?

    What my issue is right now. I LOVE my floor(PCU) but its wearing on my body. I work weekends only so that I can go to school during the week. And NONE of the other PCAs schedule themselves for the weekend(we make our own schedules). So im always alone with 20-36 patients everyday I work. I dont complain because I am blessed and grateful to have been hired with no experience(I was a CNA for 4 yrs working in LTC) so Idk know how to do everything a normal PCA can do. And no other PCA can show me how either because im always alone. So if a nurse needs a cath done or taken out he/she has to do it. Etc, etc...

    I just really want to get my foot in the door of the OR because thats where I want to be when Im done with nursing school. And I HAVE to get my BSN because my hospital would really like for you to have it instead of ADN. And I know i cant handle doing what im doing for another 4-5 years. So I just really wanted to ask fellow nurses these questions.. do you think becoming a CST would do me any good because I can tranfer to any department within my hospital within 6 months. And would my CST history benefit me in staying in the OR once I become a nurse? Thanks for reading, I just dont have any family or friends I can talk to so I decided to post here and ask. Thanks
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    Are you actually in a nursing program right now? If you are, then you should absolutely not leave school or pursue a surgical tech degree. I don't think there is a benefit if you know you are going to ultimately be a nurse. You can do the same job as well as many others as a RN and make more while doing so.

    Where I live, you have to go to school to be a surgical tech and get an associates or bachelors. In the same time, you could have your ASN done and be working in an OR while you complete your bachelors. It would be a lot less work, time and money spent on your part.

    I would suggest you look for PCT positions in your hospital's OR.