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I have been an ICU nurse for the past 2 years, Neuro ICU to be more specific. And I hated it. So now I'm making the transition to become an OR. I'm really excited to start in a few weeks. Orientation will be 6 wks long, compared... Read More

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    I just started training in the general surgery team which consist of bariatrics, mastectomy, cancer related, GI, etc...its going well so far. I'm not a fan of orthopedic and I was an orthopedic nurse because I didn't like the smell plasticy cement, I don't think its safe to breathe it in....I'm not a fan of surgeries with a lot of x ray since I don't want too much radiation...

    I haven't seen other specialties what are some that I won't like?

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    I love ortho...I have also been on open heart...general, etc. I do not care for gone, cysto, never did much neuro and don't care to. Still love ortho the best though! Try each and don't be afraid to switch!
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    That was supposed to be gyne.....darn auto correct.

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