New Grad - First Job in OR!

  1. Hi all,

    I am a new grad since May, and I just accepted my first job as a circulating OR nurse yesterday in Pennsylvania! I was a student nurse intern in the OR in Illinois last summer, so I feel I have a fairly good idea of what to expect in this specialty. I fell in love with the OR during my internship, and I am so happy I was offered this position! Is there any advice on how to prepare for my first nursing job? Anything I will need to purchase or invest in, tips to remember, etc? I have heard that bringing a notebook to write down surgeon preferences helps, too, so anything along those lines would be great!

    - Natalie
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  3. by   tino_ngo
    Something I found to be helpful in organizing specific preferences that doctors have is using the app Evernote. This will help you a lot to remember little things especially if you have a lot of different surgeons/procedures. The docs can be very very very particular so anything to help you be organized in your thoughts will help you stand out and be an effective OR circulator. Congrats on the new job
  4. by   peabozzle
    taking notes is a must....I also recommend good, comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet the rest of your life as an OR nurse, take care of them. I also recommend compression socks, they really do cut down on leg fatigue. Congrats! Keep an open mind & soak up all the knowledge you can!
    Is that where you want to be in your career? I am surprised you wouldn't want to take care of patients on the floor first. Good luck to you.
  6. by   nursenatty14
    Thank you! It is absolutely where I want to be! I interned in the OR last summer as a nursing student, and I felt exactly where I needed to be. I'm so excited to get the feeling once again!