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    Hi everyone, I have a question that I hope someone can give me a little insite on; I will be starting the surgical tech program this January, and am wondering what is the standard attire for OR scrub techs? I understand the steril part, gown, gloves, caps and so forth, but I am wondering are skirts or skorks permitted are worn in the OR. If someone can give me a little knowledge about this or can direct me to any information it will be greatly appreciated. I am new here and I only see OR techs in pants scrubs where I am from. Thanks a lot.
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    The facility where you are employed usually provides your attire. We only wear srub tops and pants. Believe me...even after a sterile gown on, you don't want to be wearing skorts. I've been in some messy cases and was glad for the pants not to mention the sterile gown.

    Check with your facility.
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    Thanks Sarah, does seem logical to be completely covered in cases that are really messy in the OR. So does that mean scrub techs wear only scrub pants outside the sterile OR? Is it mainly required for restricted areas or unrestricted areas also. Thanks again. I wll also check with my facility
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    We wear scrub pants and tops provided by hospital. I wouldn't want to wear a skirt, like said you can get messy even through the gown. Besides the pants are more comfy and cover the bottoms of your legs where gown doesn't cover. It's warmer too if the room is really cold.