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  1. 0 I will be taking a surgical nursing course in September. I think this will be very interesting. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prepare? I'm up to the challenge I think. How stressful is it really?
    Oh by the way my only nursing experience is in home care. I have never worked in an institutional setting of any kind.
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    By a book...borrow from the hospital library. A good reference is by: Susan S. Fairchild, Second Ed. Perioperative Nursing Principles and Practice. Also, search the web. There are some colleges offering Perioperative Nursing courses. Check with Canadore College (North Bay), George Brown (Toronto), better yet, check out this site & do a search
    It'll link you to canadian colleges and you'll have to do the rest. Happy searching!
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    Sarah thank you so much for the wonderful information. As well as being new to this site I am also new to the wonderful world of the internet. I will start searching now.
    PS. I have a job interview next week at the North Bay General Hospital on the surgical inpatient floor. Hope I get the job, if not I will still be going back to school:kiss

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