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::cool: Hey! Any nurses from, or live around Myrtle Beach??? I heard there is a 10 grand sign on bonus at one of the hospitals there:D Is this true:confused: someone let me know about what, when, where if they are privy to this... Read More

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    Kewlnurse, I'm suppose to go down to the beach labor day. If I see or hear anything about the new hospital I'll be in touch. My husband fishes at Merills Inlet a lot...rnor
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    Grand Strand, in Myrtle beach is the one paying the sign on bonus. Unsure if it is for all positions, or a select few. Hope this helps
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    Myrtle Beach, I hear, has good golfing. BUT BE CAREFUL!!!

    Where I live, the Kaiser Hospital is offering a $6,000.00 sign on bonus, but, although that ad is constantly in the paper, they can't seem to find any takers. Why? BECAUSE IT IS MISERABLE PLACE TO WORK!!! People are always getting the he** out of there.

    You gotta be suspicious of a bonus like that, so ASK THE NURSES WHO WORK THERE, OR WHO HAVE LEFT!!

    Same may be true of ANY hospital offering such huge bonuses, so always ask questions before signing on.
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    I TOTALLY AGREE...I was just curious...that is all. Our hospital had a sign on bonus for 5,000 and not many takers, like you said H_ _ _ of a place to work, and for a corporation to boot..HA HA HA...our corporation is after the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR PERIOD, and to _______ with their staff, just as long as they
    have a warm body present...that is all that matters...rnor