Must OR nurse interview patient before surgery

  1. After 28 years working in the OR as a circulating nurse, I switched gears & recently took a job in a very small eye surgery center working in Pre-Op. For some reason the director (one of the opthalmic surgeons) decided the OR nurse is too busy & it will now be the pre-op nurses (me) responsibility to bring the patient into the OR & transfer to the bed. This means the perioperative OR circulating nurse no longer will be interviewing/introducing herself in the pre-op area (checking consent, asking pt. what procedure is to be done, pt. ID, allergies, etc) I bring the patient in the room & the OR nurse has a mask on & is not even identifying herself to the patient. I know this is WRONG! I want to talk to the Director & explain this is not proper procedure but I am new & feel I should at least have some more information to back myself up. Can anyone help me or direct me to the precise AORN Standard that states this is clearly a duty to be done by the OR nurse?
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  3. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    If you're not out interviewing the patient, then how can you verify procedure, laterality, consents? Will another licensed RN be doing this under the proposed changes? Will this somehow negate your duty? Doubtful in the eyes of the BON.