Mid Shift Blues

  1. Hello... I graduated 2 years ago, the OR is my 1st job. I love the OR!! BUT...I am at a smaller hospital, 7 rooms. We have had some changes to our hospital recently (within the last 4 months, which has brought our case load down. I work the mid shift which is 8:30 to 9pm, I know YUCK!
    So here's my day...Give breaks to whomever wants one, roam around looking for things to do, help out in rooms, etc, then give a lunch or two, take my lunch, back to the roaming around to help whomever needs it, which is usually no one. (We are only a general, GYN, ortho hospital). Then at 2:45, I take over a room that's still running. And IF there are anymore cases, I could get one of those.
    I could go a whole 12 hr shift and not do one case of my own. Some days I will get lucky and actually get put into a room, or do some day time add ons. But that is very few and far between. Now somedays, yes we do have rooms running until later, but more often than not, we are pretty slow. On the days I do get my own case, I sometimes feel so unorganized (and not to mention brain dead from not doing anything all day) that I feel like a brand new RN. I am also taking call shifts, which I feel really unorganized and discombobulated. I feel like I am loosing all my skills, organization, etc.
    I have been looking for another job at a busier hospital, But I will feel so bad leaving my hospital with all the money they put into my training. I'm nervous that if I don't make a change soon, I will go absolutely nuts. I have self diagnosed myself with ADD, and need to be busy. Everyone I have talked to about this says the same thing, get out now. Guess I just need to stop worrying about them and move on.
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  3. by   SandraCVRN
    In my place our last start shift is 5 8's, so from 0830-1700 M-F. She pretty much does the same thing that you do, give breaks, then lunches, etc, pick up a room at 1500. The difference for us is that she has a lot of experience and can break everyone including the heart team. It's kind of a "reward" shift.

    Have you told your people that you want to be first on the list when a day shift comes up? Put it in writting, and keep a copy for yourself. If you can't wait for a day shift start looking for another position. Just because you are looking doesn't mean you have to take a different job, it just gives you options.

    Good luck....
  4. by   CaliLvr000
    You have to do what will make you happy!!
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  5. by   CaliLvr000
    Get a new job. Yes they taught you everything you know and you are thankful, but hospitals are a BUSINESS. I left my first job after a year and it was hard, but life goes on and they just hire someone else. Don't feel bad. After looking for jobs I have learned that working for a hospital is a business relationship. Find a higher paying job that keeps you interested. Sign up with an agency and try out some places first. Good luck!!