Med surg NP student looking for OR job

  1. Aaaawwwwww! I'm READY to leave bedside nursing! I'm doing agency med surg nursing and really want to take this opportunity to change careers before graduating from my fnp program! In 2 years I've already worked in 3 different hospitals and didn't like staff nursing at all. Want to finally see what's out there! Anyone can shed light on this or give me some guidance? Especially since I want to get into surgery as an np.
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  3. by   elle604
    I think you need ACNP to assistant with surgeries. So you would go back for a post master about 2 years to get certified.
  4. by   kguill975
    I'm a Surgical NP, and I completed the ACNP track. The only thing you gain by getting an acute care certificate is that you'll complete rotations in ICUs, so when you have patients there, it would be familiar. That's the only thing you'll gain. I'm a CNOR, and AORN endorsed the ACNP as the "official" track for Surgical NP, so that's why I did it. I knew that I never wanted to work with kids, so I was fine with it. What I never expected was that I would fall in love with my ER rotation, but because I didn't do a FNP program, I would never be considered for a spot in the ER. In other words, you can become a Surgical NP as an FNP, and it'll open doors for congenital pedi surgery and any other specialities with a lot of peds, such as high paying ortho (sports medicine). Good Luck to you!
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