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Hello all, This topic just came about recently... Staff in my OR feel that the managers are all out of touch with the rooms. The staff have spoken to HR about this and the feedback from the managers' are "I'm too busy to work a... Read More

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    Quote from canesdukegirl
    I strongly believe that any manager should be able to run circles around their staff in the OR. The reality of the situation is that very few managers are able to perform the job functions that we as staff are expected to do well. Although I understand that managers have a different role, and that they are responsible for so much, I also believe that they should be expected to not only be a resource person in times of crisis, but also that they should EXCEL during these times.

    I have a hard time having respect for a manager that does not know the difference between a Kelly and a hemostat. C'mon, man! And when a surgeon starts yelling at the manager because he/she cannot keep up, hey...welcome to our world.

    I know that managers have a difficult job. It is not easy to be in the captain's seat. I cannot imagine doing their job. With that being said, if someone is going to be my manager, I want to know that they can do my job. I understand that our jobs are not interchangeable, but if they are going to nit-pick about policy and procedure, I want to know that they can walk the talk.
    I have been a manager (notice past tense) and the skills are not interchangeable. Someone can be a great nurse, but when they're in a leadership position things just do NOT run smoothly. Yes, a manager needs to be able to run a room and know what it's like to scrub and circulate, but s/he also needs a fairly extensive understanding of management, accounting and finance.

    If a manager can plan for the necessary capital investment so that we can get the new drill or a new table, staff appropriately, address issues effectively as they arise, and make sure that the OR not only stays profitable, but grows over time, I don't care if they can run circles around me in the OR.

    And, as someone who has done that job, I think SP experience is just as important as room experience. SP is never, NEVER, fully staffed with people (management or techs) who are capable/proficient at the constant problems solving that needs to be done (and then communicating with rooms and hustling to get the rooms what they need...).

    Managers should regularly give breaks/lunches, but they don't need to be the best scrub/circulator in the hospital to be a good manager.

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    Thanks for making the points that you did. I was not suggesting that managers should be the best scrub/circulator in the hospital to be a good manager. I stated that I understood that staff and management roles are not interchangeable, nor should they be. I further stated that managers have different responsibilities, such as the ones you listed. I will repeat that I cannot imagine doing their job.

    The foundation of my point in the post that you quoted is that I expect my manager to not only have the ability to do my job, but also have the ability to be a resource person when things start to go South.

    If someone is going to be a leader of a team, they need to have intimate knowledge of the responsibilities of that team. In my experience, I have seen far too many managers that simply cannot function in the surgical suite.
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    I kind of disagree. I come from a very large medical center. While I agree the clinical managers should have EXPERIENCE doing what we do, I do feel that they have other things to take care of while the
    STAFF runs the room.... for instance.. I am a nurse... I dont feel it is my job to be washing the floor, etc when I have to get, meds, interview patient for my next case, all in 30 minutes. Everybody should have their job.... I cant fill in as manager and still circulate... everybody should be able to to fill their own roles without worrrying about someone elses. Our managers have to do payroll, etc.... they get called all the time by te OTHER rooms in the service.... how can they be expected to run a room or even scrub?
    and you can call me a team player or not a team player or not I dont care... this might be off subject but here goes.... I am a nurse and have the responsibility to do many things for a patient that NO BODY else can do. So NO, I WILL NOT be helping you mop a floor, fill toilet paper etc..... they cannot help me with my job, why sould I be doing theirs too? We just have too much that we are responsible for. everybody has a job desription and tere is a reason for it. if everybody did their role, we would have smooth running or's.

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