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I am a 1st year nursing student who had the opportunity to observe a total knee replacement surgery today. It was a great experience, and I just have to say, "KUDOS!" to all of the OR nurses out there!!! I was blown away by... Read More

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    The only thing that I know of that people loved after leaving the OR was Home Health. I have 3 friends that are doing that now. Not sure what it is, maybe just the one pt at a time.

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    Quote from MereSanity
    There just aren't too many options in this area as far as OR work goes. Very few and far between as far as open OR jobs...LOTS of positions open in the bad facilities though Turnover rates are staggering. Waiting for an opening in a decent facility may never happen. Thank you to everyone for the great input...it has given me a lot to think about.
    Sorry to hear that! Nowhere is perfect, no job ever will be "ideal" always. I like my job most days, love it fairly often and the bad (truly bad) days are pretty rare (*knocks on wood* - some of that is dependent on patient acuity). I like the OR a lot more than neurology/neurosurgery stepdown/tele with med/surg patients thrown in to the mix and with med/surg acuity staffing ratios despite how much of a "sickie" your 1-3 stepdown patients may be.

    Is is possible to travel? I know a lot of OR staff that found the fit they wanted from travel positions and just never left that last travel position after being offered a permanent job (quite a few did that in the OR I work in). Wishing you the best!
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    Thank you for the reply...look forward to travel nursing when the kids are out of the house!

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