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  1. Hello everyone!! I am looking for a book that has pictures of a set-up for a general OR table. You know, where I can see the Deavers set up, the scissors set up, the basin bin set up, etc. A snapshot with everything labled on a scrub table. This would be VERY HELPFUL to get a basic understanding of how the table is to be set-up. I know the set-up can change depending on the surgery, but a general overview would be most helpful.

    Anyone know where I can get access to a photo of this?? There are none in my surgery book.

    THANK YOU!!!!!
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  3. by   Anisettes
    Epona, I don't have an answer for you - but you might get more bites if you post this over in the Specialties section under Operating Room Nursing, I'm sure there is someone over there who'll be better able to help you. Good luck!
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  4. by   Epona
    Thanks for the link! I posted this over there! Have a great night!!
  5. by   cdsga
    I think this is a great idea-When I learned to scrub, I took pictures of table set ups for my own benefit because each physician has a different set of instruments and order of use, so what I would do is contact the educator or manager for the OR where you work, see if you can observe or have someone in the OR take pictures of basic case set ups for you then you can download and use.
  6. by   Anisettes
    You know YouTube has videos of everything and guess what I found?
    SJVC Surgical Setup Video - YouTube
    and you'll find other videos on the same topic. Hope it helps