How to get experience in OR..?

  1. I am in nursing school and I work as a CNA at our hospital. I am thinking I'd like to get some experience in surgery, possibly to be an OR nurse at some point in the future. I am just confused as to how exactly I could get experience in OR prior to being a nurse. I don't really have the time or money to take complete a surgical tech program, which I have considered. Any thoughts, ideas, or guidance???
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  3. by   daVinciNurse
    see if you can reach out to the director of the OR. In the OR I work in, we utilize "OR assistants"--they help with pt transport, positioning, running for supplies, delivering specimens, etc....we've had many students in this role who then get hired into entry level RN positions once they are licensed. Many work on a part time or per diem basis as students, but gain a lot of experience as to how the OR flows. We do offer a Periop 101 class for entry level RNs. Not all facilities do. The local community college also offers a "intro to OR Nursing" continuing ed series from time to time to help get newer nurses acclimated to the world of the OR. Best of luck to yoou![BS[/B]
  4. by   dmwRN
    Thanks for your reply. We do have OR techs, which are essentially the same thing as your OR asst's. However, I have NEVER seen any openings posted. Must be a good job with low turnover rate. I wonder if the OR would consider "cross training" me down there for a per diem slot? It's worth a shot.