How does a new RN get experience in the OR when no one hires without it..please help

  1. I live in CT and getting into the OR is like winning the lottery obviously. Every one wants experienced nurses. One of our major hospitals put it in red letters. There is a training program that opens up when you find the golden ticket in a willy wonka chocolate bar, but i haven't yet. The last time it opened 2 years ago it closed in a few days and i was just a student anyway. I am so in love with the idea of working in the or, it is where i belong. Any ideas on how to get that elusive experience?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Have you considered relocating? Other areas/states may be more willing to hire new grads. Also, many hospitals will hire internal applicants over external applicants. You may end up having to work a year in med/surg or another unit just to get your foot in the door of an institution. Then, you can request observation days in the OR and get yourself known that way.