Free goodies from the OR...

  1. I'm curious how people use some of the free stuff that we get to take home from the OR.
    I am NOT advocating stealing things. I'm talking about unused, uncontaminated items that would be otherwise thrown away at the end of the case. For example:

    AA batteries from the Hydrosurg irrigation units
    Blue towels from the supply packs-- we washed 6 and they match one of our table cloths so we use them as dinner napkins
    Plastic pitcher-- I use one for watering our houseplants
    Blue plastic cups-- great for mixing small quantities of paint for hobbies
    Blue plastic basin-- I saved one to use as a salad bowl for picnics
    Gown tags-- I use them for scratch paper in my shop, and also for mixing batches of epoxy glue
    Plastic Bovie tip holder-- I tacked one to my work bench and use it to hold screw drivers, knives etc.

    Any other suggestions?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Large basins--LOTS of uses

    Saline bottles-- Great for juice that you don't want to put in your non-disposable containers because of staining.

    Specimen cup-- Change purse, salad dressing container, travel container for sugar or creamer

    Blue cloth towels-- shop towels, doggy drying, dish drying.

    White paper towels-- GREAT for windows, napkins, kitchen use. I haven't bought paper towels in 2 1/2 years.

    Table covers-- paint drape, picnic table cover, waterproof ground blanket for outdoor concerts

    Lap drapes-- paint drapes

    Gowns-- cover the passenger seat or backseat to keep dog hair off of upholstry, put on self before spray painting.

    Bovie scratcher-- great for roughing up a surface, sandpaper

    Lap Sponges-- a VERY hot item, cleaning, line flowerpots to keep dirt from coming out of the holes.

    Raytec sponges-- cleaning, lining flower pots
  4. by   Nips
    Well when we have an open case that gets cancelled and the patient never comes into the room I like to take the [s]laps and asepto syringes [/s]for cooking. I use the laps like cheese cloth. When I bake a turkey I soak the laps in broth and cover the turkey with them. When I need to baste the turkey, I use an asepto syringe and baste the cheese cloth. This helps prevent the turkey from drying out and burning. I get a perfect turkey everytime!
  5. by   harley007
    Disposible Kelly Clamps great for all kinds of kitchen needs and craft prodjects. Love those blue sterile towels - clean anything including windows,use as napins, place matts. Perfect for washable cuddle up on nest for my new puppy - he makes a little mistake and into the washer it goes. He twists and turns them into perfect little nests - this from a tiny of 4 pound Boston terrier puppy. I work in a cath lab so everythng else get pretty much contaminated.... but we gots losts of those disposible sterile blue towls!!!
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  6. by   CuttingEdgeRN
    In the cement sculpting kits there is a bristle brush looking thing with a long handle......Great for cleaning the lint out of the dryer trap.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from CuttingEdgeRN
    In the cement sculpting kits there is a bristle brush looking thing with a long handle......Great for cleaning the lint out of the dryer trap.

    That reminds me, a couple of our docs don't like the plastic cement spatula that comes with the mixing bowl. So i'll throw that off after i get it out of the pack. I use it to cut cookie dough at home.
  8. by   elcue
    [font="comic sans ms"]some good ideas here i hadn't tried before. thanks.

    can't get along without gown tags for scratch paper and lap sponges for cleaning, paint rags, stash in the car for wipe-ups. have used them too to bundle spices when making soups. also, unused drapes/table covers for drop cloths when painting, potting plants, giving the dog a haircut, working with dried flowers/ painting craft items. grad pitcher and asepto for kids' tub toys. little spec jar in foley kit (passed off immediately after opening kit!)for spice storage or carrying dressing/cream cheese, etc in lunch bag. large basins for oil changes. bovie holsters for holding markers beside the whiteboards in the or.
    gowns (trimmed) for painting smocks for little ones. daycare centers love all the containers and bowls from the packs.

    aren't we all great recyclers!
  9. by   lindaloo51
    Catheter tip syringe for making silver dollar pancakes for the kids. Large blue wrappers for picnic table cover or bleacher covers for the band. Large syringes for turkey injector. Big plastic bowls for Halloween candy. Square water/saline bottles to freeze ice for the cooler (some times I freeze tea or lemonade to use as it thaws) When traveling, I put tea bags and cold water in the water bottle and lay in the back window or on the dash to make sun tea. Lap chole graspers for fishing out stuff that went down the drain or decorating the upper part of the Christmas tree.