Finished first week of orientation....

  1. So I just finished my first week of OR orientation. I came from a med surge floor looking for a change and I found it. It is totally different and I guess I like it so far. I have mostly been following my preceptor around and doing little things like putting scds on, setting up some the equipment, etc. I like to be busy and I like excitement and so far this week I see that you don't see that much excitement like you do on the floor, and I kinda miss that. Has anyone else who has worked on the floor felt this way after going to the OR?? I just think its boring right now because I'm not really doing much yet?? So far the things I've seen about the role of the circulator are very repetitive and I almost feel like you don't even use any nursing skills for the job and that anyone could do it, not just a nurse.

    If it stays like this I'm considering going back to the floor to do critical care. I like to be fast paced and busy and I enjoy the rush of codes and things like that. Is the OR not the place for me then or should I just wait it out longer and see what happens?
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  3. by   mikethern
    You're right about O.R. nursing being completely different from floor nursing, but if you think O.R. nursing is slow-paced, then you have not tasted enough of it.

    Some days in the O.R. are easy. Some days you will go home drained. Some days you sit around all day. Some days you will run around like a chicken without a head. You won't know what it's really like until you work alone without a preceptor. And you won't ever know EVERYTHING about O.R. nursing. There is just too much equipment and techniques to know everything.

    Advantages compared to floor nursing: You will always get a lunch break. You will usually get full coffee breaks. The patient to nurse ratio is always one-to-one.
  4. by   SandraDeeRN
    Yeah I figured it was too early to make any calls yet. I haven't really done much yet like I said and I was just hoping that what I have seen already isn't how it is everyday. Right now I'm bored b/c I don't have many things to do or know what to do. When I was on the floor, I was in charge on the off shifts and was always busy doing something so to go from that to this is a big change. There is a lot to learn as far as the sutures and equipment goes, but that will come with time. I'm just hope that when I do know what I'm doing that I'm not still bored by it. I hope like you said that it will change once I get more involved. Thanks for the reply.
  5. by   TracyB,RN
    Or maybe you need to go work in an OR in an extremely short staffed Level 1 Trauma center, LOL!! Won't be bored then...

    Seriously, though... give it more time. Some days are REALLY boring.. Other days kick butt when the traumas come rolling in.