Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find....

  1. 0 I'm looking for a vendor for Heifitz clips for vascular surgery. We currently use non-disposable clips and appliers; we need to replace some clips in the set and the company no longer makes them.
    We would even try a disposable Heifitz if need be.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

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    DId you try to type in key words on a search engine to browse vendors on the internet? You probably tried that, but I find it to be the best way to find EVERYTHING.
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    Thanks, Monica,

    I tried that. no luck there.
    Thanks just the same,

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    I want to say Codman. Ask Shodobe; I think he does a lot of ordering for his OR.
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    Thanks, I can try Codman but i know our buyer has tried every instrument company we know of.
    How does one ask questions to a specific person here?


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