Changing Specialties

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    Your past experience will certainly bring lots to the table. Of course, the OR is different than any other dept. And, it sounds like you have a good orientation program set up...learning to scrub will be invaluable.

    Any questions you have, just ask your preceptor. There is so much to learn and the technology is changing from specialty to specialty and practically overnight.

    Just remember surgeons are a 'breed of their own' (IMO). And, don't get too overwhelmed...I promise, it will come together for you.

    I think I have seen your posts on the delphi board (former traveler). You may want to check out a BB for periop nurses at: and/or membertalk on the board. I cannot recall, but you may have to be a member of AORN to sign up on that BB.

    Best wishes in you new field.

    K. Lynn
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    Congratulations, I hope this specialty area will be as good to you as it has been to me. I have been working in the OR for the past 4 years and like it most of the time.
    It sounds like you have things well under control and the hospital has a good program to get you properly trained.
    You will probably feel like you know absolutely nothing in the beginning, but I am sure you will catch on quickly.

    Good luck!!!!
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    The OR is very technical, gone will be one on one patient care, and in its place will be machinery and electronics. I was an L&D nurse for 8 years before I came to OR. I miss the pt care and I absolutely hate ortho. (All that man stuff! Drills and screws, etc.) But I love the teamwork and I love the hours, no weekends, no holidays.

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