Cardiac surgery open heart TECH becoming a Cardiac OR Nurse.

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    I am almost done with my RN program, I will finish in May. I talked to my Director of Periop services. He said that I should be able to get a job as an RN in the cardiac area. The only problem is going to be that my degree is an AAS and not a BSN. So I am waiting to hear about that.

    I have been a tech in cardiac for 9 years. I was just wandering if other techs have crossed over to RN and I want to know how it was?
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    We have a lot of nurses that used to be scrubs. I think they would love to have a nurse that can scrub and circulate. Unless you facility has a specific requirement for BSN on the heart team.

    You will see the process from a whole different view point. Good luck!!!!!

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