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Hello all, I'm currently taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I was wondering if a new grad can get hired in the OR? Is there any difference between OR and Perioperative? Also, do all hospitals use RNFAs? is that... Read More

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    I am a new grad and have interviewed in the OR and have my peer interview next week. I'm really hoping I get the job. So yes, OR's do hire new grads. At my hospital the new grad OR orientation is 8 months long, with classroom time and preceptor experience.

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    I was hired straight into the OR out of nursing school. I did have some experience as a nurse extern which helps with basics like sterile technique and what to expect in the OR. Its unlike anything you've learned in nursing school (granted, you use info like vital signs, etc) but most of what you learn will be on the job training. Its an amazing area, and so rewarding! My advice, try not to let yourself get overwhelmed! You'll get it! It might take a good while, but just focus on the patient and try your best and you'll do fine!
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    Wow a lot of good comments on here. Thanks again ScrubRNwannabe I was able to find the list only if I selected ALL the programs from the pull down list.

    If any of you don't mind, how much do you make as an OR/perio nurse as a new grad? I know this is definitely the specialty I want to get into. I just got into my local RN program and I start this Fall. I'm really excited and it will also mark my first year as a CNA in LTC. For certain reasons, I don't want to work bedside/LTC.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote from SUNGLASSES
    I am an RN with an associates degree, I worked in an outpatient pain management setting for almost 4 years. Part of my job was to assist the doctor with procedures such as epidural, nerve block injections, etc. I'm now very interested in working as an OR nurse but I am not sure if I am elegible for it. I also, check the website to get a certification, but it says you need to have 2 years of experience as a perioperative nurse, would my experience work as a periperative nursing?
    Can I work as an OR nurse with an associates degree? please help
    I have an associates degree, and no experience and I am going through the OR training class right now, and orientation in the OR. They will place me after I complete the class into the next open position. There are two other RN's I know of that are in OR with associate degrees. We currently have a shortage at my hospital in the OR. It's a large OR with 25 rooms. My hospital is magnet, so I think it does help if you have your BSN. I have enrolled into my RN-BSN bridge at our local university, which was a nice factor that probably helped me get in. Good luck to you!
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    You basically have to get hired into O.R. and do the perioperative training course they offer. It is extremely important that they have this because I have worked with O.R nurses that basically just was thrown into it for on the job training and you can see that there is lack of knowledge and it is simply down right dangerous. Yes you can work in the O.R with an ADN.
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    Wow! This thread and the info in it are great, thanks everyone!

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