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    When you get called back you get the shift differential on top of your call back pay?
    We get time and one half. Was wondering if you all get the shift diff on top of weekend shiftdif and night shift dif?

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    I work OB, but am and have been on our negotiating team through 3 sets of negotiations, and the answer is YES! If you work a weekend or off shift, shift diff applies. Tur for our OR nurses also.
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    We get 1.25 per hour while on call. When we get called in, the 1.25 stops, but we do get 2 hours automatically of overtime pay and the OT pay continues until we go home. This continues during the entire period we are on call. So if I were called in 5 times in a 24 hour period. Regardless if I only was there 6 hours I would get 10 hours OT. By the way I work PACU.
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    We get presently, 4.50/hr stand-by and 1.5/hr when we get called in. The stand-by does stop when we clock in though. Mike
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    We used to get $20/shift. But the hospital changed that to $2.50/hour so the call pay is the same but stops when you are called in. Yes we do get any shift diff including weekends. And of course we get time and a half as well.

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