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Hello, I graduated from a BSN program in May '13 and just recently passed my NCLEX-RN a month ago! Very exciting summer for me! With all this going on for me, in July, I interviewed for an OR position at the hospital Where i... Read More

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    I just wanted to give an update on how the first two weeks of my job have been so far! some days are slightly overwhelming with new info and learning while others are amazing! Today, I was able to help circulate for the first time and I loved it so much I had a feeling leaving the case that this is what I'm meant to be doing! Haha I am excited for rotations through the different types of ORs more circulating and eventually scrubbing in the coming weeks! Periop 101 is somewhat dull but all is great and vital info to know,

    I hope everyone else is having a good start so far and for those who responded on here who do not find the OR as their place in nursing, I wish you the best with finding a passion in ur career good luck!

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    I'm glad u are enjoying ur time in the OR. It has been 3 weeks, I've assisted with circulating and today I was able to scrub in and pass instruments (I was so nervous) I also had the chance to gown and glove the docs and learn the correct way to pass sutures. There's so much to learn, thank goodness this is a long orientation.

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