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Brand New Nurse - Starting OR!

  1. 0 Hello,

    I have just graduated this May 2013 and have been offered and accepted a position in the Main OR at my local hospital. I am incredibly excited but very very nervous. My start date is towards the end of June and I am wanting to know if there is any good books or iphone apps that I can get a hold of to familiarize myself with the OR prior to starting. I know I have a challenge ahead of be coming right out of nursing school directly into a specialty, so I would like to be as prepared as I can be.

    Im looking for materials that cover common procedures, flow of the OR, instruments and what they are used for, that type of thing. Its totally fine if they cost money, I just need to start reading up!

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as well!

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    Wow! That is awesome! congrats! can I ask you where your from?
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    Thank Yyou Im from a small town near Fort Wayne, Indiana. I just graduated from Ball State University and live in Muncie now.
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    I just graduated in May as well in will be starting a residency in July. I am so excited for us! Have you taken boards yet?
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    Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery.
    13th EDITION.
    by Jane C. Rothrock
    Mosby Elsevier

    Best of luck in your new area.
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    Quote from umslalum

    I just graduated in May as well in will be starting a residency in July. I am so excited for us! Have you taken boards yet?
    Yes I just took them and passed! I start a week from today! Good luck in July!
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    congrats on passing your boards. you are gonna love working in the OR. constant change and always learning something new.
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    Congratulations!! This is what I hope to be posting too in a few years!!
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    I'm a new grad starting in the OR too! My hospital is a large trauma one with a busy OR. I have no idea what to expect but I'd like to do some reading so if anyone has some texts to recommend that I could buy that would be great! I start after I pass by boards so I'm looking at August but I'd like to get a jump start. Thanks!
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    I'm lucky enough to be a new grad starting in the OR too. They're training me as an OR circulator. I bought Alexader's 12th edition (not 13th) for about $25 used on Amazon.
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    Hi all. I'm a new grad and I have an interview coming up for an OR internship. I'm so nervous. Anything different I should prepare for since this is for the OR? Any advice?