Why wont Drexel allow NY students to Participate online??

  1. I have notice a few college will not accept NY students!! Georgetown university and apparently Drexel! The schools here are few and there are few midwifery as well as PMHNP! Its as if my destiny is determined due to living in NY. Has anyone heard of something different? If i live in NJ or CT it would be no problem. I asked if I would be denied if i have a NJ or CT license, I still got the same answer. I have a problem with systems that causes interference with education and growth on this level. go new york :/
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  3. by   illcleff
    I saw that too and It's funny because I live in RI (which is 2 hours away from NY) and I will be starting the PMHNP program this Fall. I just don't understand.
  4. by   Erikadawn RN
    Ny will not allow any online nursing program that does not have a campus in Ny. Go figure
  5. by   anashenwrath
    Is this still the case? Bcs Drexel came to my school in New York specifically to recruit for their online program. I'm going to their Open House in March. Sooo if they aren't accepting NY students, they're sure wasting a lot of time/money recruiting them.
  6. by   theatredork
    I find this hard to believe. I enrolled in Drexel's online school back in 2010, when I only had my New York RN license.