What is the 1+1 nursing program here in okc and how do you get into it?

  1. Hi i would like all the info i can get about the 1+1 program. I enrolled the other day at OCCC to start my pre-reqs but a friend at work told me about the 1+1 and just curious as to how to get into this after i finish all pre-reqs. Thank you
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  3. by   snb1028
    From what I've heard, the 1+1 program is only offered to a select few who apply to OCCC nursing program and are wait listed. They do one year (essentially getting their LPN) and one of the tech schools in the area, then come back to OCCC for their second year, to finish up their RN. If you wanted to do an LPN-RN, you could go on your own to get your LPN, then apply at OCCC for their career ladder program. Either way, you have to complete all pre-reqs.
  4. by   LPN MOM
    oh ok thank you. I will probably just get my lpn first then go from there. Being on a waiting list forever is what im worried about
  5. by   snb1028
    Quote from MRS.PEREZ
    oh ok thank you. I will probably just get my lpn first then go from there. Being on a waiting list forever is what im worried about
    I don't know about any other schools, but OCCC's wait list is semester specific. For instance-if you apply for fall semester, and don't get in you are then put on a wait list (alternate list). Last year I've heard around 20 people that were not originally admitted (who were put on the alternate list) got in, because a lot of times people apply to several schools, and although they were accepted at OCCC, they maybe choose another. Those not admitted (either originally, or off of the alternate list) need to apply again for a different semester. It is not a wait list in the sense that those not selected this semester will be put on a list to be called next semester...etc. if that makes sense. It is a very (you either got in this semester -as an original or alternate member-or you need to reapply) sort of thing. Either way-the LPN degree takes a year, and ten the RN program takes a year. 2 years either way. You just have to find which path is right for you.
  6. by   LPN MOM
    Thanks snb1028 ive been driving myself crazy with school on my mind and trying to choose the right one. Ive already enrolled in OCCC for summer and fall and im nervous but excited. I have to start with pre-reqs its my first time to college and im 27, single mom with 3 kids and i work full time so i just hope i dont fall behind. School is very important to me and it is a must! I even considered Platts lpn but for almost 40 grand ill pass im not that desperate. I appreciate the info and i will try my best i want a great GPA so i will take part time classes, besides i have no choice right now.
  7. by   snb1028
    MRS.PEREZ- if you want extra info on the nursing program, I would talk to the nursing program advisor (can't really post names on here, but her initials are C.E.-and u can find her in the health services pavilion) she is a great resource as to what you need to do (classes to take, and extra things you can do to gain points-if you do decide to go into OCCC's program)
    Good luck! And just keep working at it! It may take a while, but the end result is SO worth it!
  8. by   LPN MOM
    i will def do that! I dont want to waste anymore time. I cant wait for the end result, ill feel like a million bucks. Thanks for the info
  9. by   snb1028
    MRS. PEREZ. I just heard that on the 1+1, you also need to get at least a 70% on your TEAS test. (Not just the 62% needed to get points into the OCCC nursing program) So, if you are thinking about this route, make sure your TEAS score is at least a 70%. Also- and I may be wrong- I'm pretty sure you have to apply to OCCC nursing program and be OFFRED the 1+1. It isn't something you can decide to start all on your own. Hoe this new info helps! Good luck in everything! Chase your dream!
  10. by   LPN MOM
    ok snb1028 yeah i called and asked, it is something that is offered to you. Well im going to try my best either way and im going part time so i hope ill have time to study even with 3 kids and working full time. I was thinking about taking the AUA class also called PCT, to work in the hospital just to get out of my current job im getting so tired of where i work i hate passing pills every day all the time. Any info on AUA pay, etc? Hospital environment for employment? any info at all? Im use to working in Assisted livings/memory care unit