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Walden has started new a new FNP and AGNP enrolling now for start date in Sept, Oct, and Dec. hope this is helpful to people that are interested.... Read More

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    SweettartRN, I have followed your posts recently regarding WGU. I am motivated to follow in your footsteps... I was also considering Walden in the future. How has the program so far?

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    Starting the FNP program Dec 3rd. So far, getting everything set up is super easy. They seem to have gotten all their ducks in a row regarding licensure and everything else.

    Anybody know a provider in San Antonio I could speak to about clinicals?
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    I don't know if I already commented on this thread or not. But I'm currently in another FNP program and am thinking of switching to Walden's. Its cheaper and I'm not very happy with the level of education I am receiving at the other program. I can also complete Walden's program just a bit faster. I'm not sure if its worth it to switch though. How is the education so far in the FNP program for those that have already started? I would love to hear from people who are in the program. Please email me or comment here.
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    I wonder if Walden students will be allowed to do some of their clinical time with MD preceptorship in the ER or inpatient setting?
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    I am currently in Waldens online FNP program that started in September. I was told we could precept with physicians and NP's in acute care or family practice setting. They said there main concern is exposure to the different age spans(Pedi, Adult, Elderly, etc). For anyone looking to go to Walden I haven't had a bad experience yet. My back ground is from the Millitary where I was enlisted Medic to a marine infantry company in very bad places. I got out and riding the wave of My GI bill which ends at my Masters From Walden as a FNP.

    Classes are to the point. A lot of it is discussion board participation based with assignments. All assignments passed in need to be backed up with reference material to justify any response. Assignments per course range from 3-5 and they have been all APA written papers so far, I'm in the 4th and 5th course. Full time is considered 2 courses. All courses count as 5 credits. Your allowed to take 2 courses at a time, they run 12 week semesters with no break in between. Instructors have all been super nice and very easy to contact and very flexible when it comes to technology errors. Feedback from assignments has been great and quick. All assignments are passed into Turnitin.com to be evaluated. If your looking for the, "Hey look where my degree is from" prestige social status thing, then its probably not the school for you. I suggest Georgetown or Umass. If your looking for an education where you can balance life, school, work, family etc... Its probably the school for you.

    I like the most efficent route to reach my goal. Being insanely hard and time consuming does not fit my lifestyle or learning needs. Walden provides me with a fast paced, balanced way to gain my FNP in 18 months full time.
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    So.....How are the classes so far for the Walden FNP??? Is it what everyone thought it was going to be? I am accepted into the March 2013 cohort! Let us know what you think!
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    I start Walden June 2013 for the MSN-FNP program. I'm eager to hear about how those currently in the program are doing.
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    I am in the FNP program that started December 3rd. So far its been great. I agree that the discussion boards are quite long. I would estimate maybe 1.5 pages doubled space. The Foundation 1 credit course is busy work nothing hard. I have an A in both classes so far.
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    Can anyone comment on patho and pharm courses at Walden? Proctored exams, papers? Just wondering how these core courses are taught. Thanks.
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    Thanks red velvet!
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