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  1. 0 Anyone applying for VEEB LPN Program this year?
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    Yes I did...I got into the program already
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    Hi i got in too. Did u get any letters regarding the physical or orientation. I keep calling but they keep saying to wait for the dates in the mail
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    Yes I received two letters yesterday 1 is about orientation which is the 19th of June and the other is about my physical which is the 22nd of June
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    I am a VEEB 2012 graduate and it was quite the experience. Yet, I wouldn't trade it for any other lpn program. I passed my
    Boards on the first try Jan 2013 and started working Feb 2013 in home care. Then landed a staff position on my own unit in March 2013.

    I'm definitely a proud Veeb graduate!!

    Best wishes to you all!!!!!
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    I finally got mine also. I dislike their mail-only policy.

    Congratulations NurseReese. thanks for sharing. Any advice or tips about the program?
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    hey i just found out about VEEB how was the entrance exam
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    it was okay review with any GED book, brush up on your vocab and time yourself!!
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    Anyone already went to the first orientation? How was it?
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    Hey guys... I am about to be graduating veeb next week and I have to say it really is a hard program. You really need to study and you need to put a lot into this program. But I am very happy to have went here because the teachers are amazing and they truly are there to help you in any way that they can. They have tutoring and tutor sheets and the books are helpful. DO NOT use that as an excuse to slack off though because it is 5 different classes an hour each and there is ALWAYS at least 4 tests a week on all different is an amazing program get allllll your partying out this summer. Good luck guys
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    I'm not sure if someone else is experiencing this but I'm unable to log in to mynursinglab...access code does not work...Anyone?
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    yeah mine doesn't work neither. I tried calling veeb to see if I got the right course id but they're not answering their phone.
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    Proud VEEB 2008 graduate here. That school is the best LPN program in NYC. Best of luck to you all!!!!!