UW BSN 2018

  1. Hi! I'm applying for the UW BSN for next fall. This is my second time applying to the program and I really want to get in! I thought I would start a discussion so we can all help each other out since the application comes out this month and the essay questions are already out!

    A little about myself:

    -When I applied for this fall my nursing prerequisite gpa was a 3.0 and I retook one class and I believe now it is a 3.2 which isn't that great but they accept anywhere from a 2.4-4.0 for this fall so I am not too worried about that.
    -When I applied for this fall I only had 120 healthcare experience hours and when I apply for next year I'll have well over 1,500.
    -I'm also doing a study abroad program in maternal and child health in December before the app is due and this year i managed to get a job at Mary Bridge Children's hospital and recently got hired at Seattle Children's. I also got certified in neonatal resuscitation.

    Thanks all! I can't wait to hear back and get some advice!