Unsure of LPN program

  1. I'm currently in the process of sending in backround checks/health checks,ect into this LPN program I got into. But there's a few things about this program that bothers me. For one, it's $275 just to reserve a seat in the program, and they charged $100 to take the TEAS test.
    Another thing is, their accreditations, it says on their website "Accredited by Pennsylvania State Board of Vocational Education, Bureau of Career and Technical Education". And only approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. For more information on national and program accreditations, contact the school.
    I'm assuming this means they're only accredited regionally, not nationally or statewide? It's a vo-tech program, so I'm a bit worried it won't seem as "legit" as other nursing programs.
    And the last thing is, it's a bit costly, $17,000 altogether.
    All in all just want some opinions on if this seems like a ripoff or not.

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  3. by   jms410
    I think this is the same program I am currently in the process of starting too. I know a few people who went through it. I've never heard anything bad about it. It is expensive though compared to other local Lpn programs. I'm unsure of the accreditation question though. It's obviously accredited by the bon, but I'm not sure about the statewide/regionally thing.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Approved by the State BON is usually all a state does. BONs do not accredit programs. Also, regional accreditation would be very unlikely if this is a certificate program (as my LPN program was).

    Do a search (upper right corner is the search box) for accreditation and read some of the excellent poster who explain it. (FYI: Regional accreditation is actually a higher level than national- for reasons you'll understand when you read further- counter intuitive but true!)