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    hello all!

    I am a current "pre-nursing" student at the University of Tampa and have 4 more pre requisites left until I can apply to the actual nursing program. To anyone who has been accepted to UT's nursing program, do you mind sharing your GPA & TEAS exam scores? I would just like to see where I stand compared to others who have been accepted!

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    I am moving to Tampa area from Dallas TX (if I don't get into my nursing program here first (just applied for Spring of 2015 *fingers crossed))

    I have tried to google and research schools but without being there I don't know what schools are which. I also don't know which pre-reqs are required, tests, scores, point system, anything. I hate that I might have to transfer so close to getting in but moving to Fl has been a long time dream and I can't put it off any further...

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