University of Phoenix MSN-FNP Fall 2011

  1. 0 Hi everyone. Just wondering if any one is applying or enrolled to this program in the Sacramento Valley with the September start date? I was so impressed with program and am excited to start!
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    I didn't know that UOP offerend nurse practitioner programs. I am in the Lake County area and am interested.
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    Apparently the only place they offer this program in Northern Calif. is in the Sacramento campus. I have a awesome admission/enrollment advisor who told me to give her direct phone number to anyone interested. PM if you want this info. The start date for the program is 9/29/11.
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    Is it online or ground? Didnt mention online which leads me to believe it is ground. Not sure why when every other school has online classes and they were on the forefront of this....
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    It is a ground program which is just fine by me. There are plently of online programs to choose from and I prefer a classroom setting in which your classmates are there in person. For this program, they use admit up to 20 people each cohort. I believe they said they run this program 2x/year. It is one of the only programs that they do in person and so you must travel to one of 4 campuses that offer it. Looking forward to it!!

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