Union University- Spring 2014

  1. 0 Hey All!
    I just submitted my application the other day for the Spring 2014 ABSN program at Union's Hendersonville campus. So far Union is my #1 choice, so fingers crossed I get in! Has anyone else applied or thinking of applying? I've seen threads for past semesters discussing the application process & figured I'd start one for Spring 2014 as a support system for all of us as we sweat the process!

    Best of luck to any of you applying!
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    Hey I can't help except to bump your thread up for ya. I live in Hendersonville, FWIW and have thought about working in Union's admissions (i.e., sales) dep't. It's too expensive for me to actually go there IIRC!
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    I have also applied for Union University Hendersonville campus spring 2014 ABSN program. I have had my applicatiion complete as of the middle of July. I have not heard anything back yet either. I have talked to the lady incharge of nursing admissions on multiple occasions and she said that we may not hear of acceptance until late November at the latest and we will be notified by email. I am really hoping to hear something before then. Have you still not heard anythin back??

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