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Hi all, I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for UMSON spring 2014 CNL class. I thought this would be a good place for us all to get to know each other and keep everyone updated... Read More

  1. by   4splbnd
    Did anyone think to ask how many people made the cut for interviews or how many they planned to accept? Clearly I wasn't thinking clearly during my interview as I forgot to ask. ��
  2. by   wildflower13
    They normally accept 50 applicants in the CNL program. However, one of their open houses I attended recently, the lady told me that for the Fall class of 2013, they ended up going overboard and accepted 10 too many with total of 60 applicants. So, its possible that for the upcoming Spring 2014 the number accepted may be more conservative, or not. I'm guessing they will not be accepting more than 50 this time around. In the past the number has always been less than 50.

    I was told also that the applicant pool for the CNL cohort is a lot smaller than BSN. BSN program is more competitive and receives over 500 applications every semester with 100 accepted (50 in Baltimore and 50 at Shady Grove). CNL applicant pool is 100-120 with 50 accepted on average, so chances of acceptance in the CNL program are definitely higher than BSN program, given that you have a bachelors already, of course. But generally speaking masters program anywhere have lesser applicants than bachelors.

    The day I went in for the interview, they had 3 time slots, so I am assuming they conducted three possible interviews. My guess is that if you were interviewed, then you are a strong candidate and higher up on the consideration list.
  3. by   emilie290391
    At my interview they told me they had sixty open seats but they don't always full them all depending on candidates
  4. by   4splbnd
    I'd reallllyyyy love it if today were the day. So much hinges on this, it'd be nice to be able to start planning the REST of my life around school, while I still have one of course! I feel bad for those of you relocating. I mean, how do you determine when and where to move unless you know you're accepted?!?! Best of luck to all, fingers crossed.
  5. by   wildflower13
    Is anybody commuting from Montgomery county?
  6. by   4splbnd
    I'm coming from Harford County ;-( It's just under 40 miles. The drive itself isn't bad but the TRAFFIC....definitely not looking forward to it.
  7. by   DeedleBugg
    I will be commuting from Montgomery County near the Silver Spring area.
  8. by   wildflower13
    DeedleBugg, are you planning on commuting daily? given that we get in, may be we can car pool. I live in Germantown and I am divided between taking the ICC or I-70.
  9. by   DeedleBugg
    Hey Wildflower13,

    I live 45 minutes from Germantown
  10. by   emilie290391
    I would very much like to know our status tomorrow.
  11. by   NurseCrespoEm
    Still waiting...Wildflower I have the intention of going to the financial aid office and applying for any institutional scholarships. Of course the FAFSA is required for any federal aid. I will be applying for graduate loans through the federal government. Beyond that there are a lot of scholarships out there that you can apply to once already enrolled. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has a lot of great resources including a Graduate Nursing Association that you can join that gives you access to podcasts on contemporary issues in nursing. Here is the link for scholarship resources.
    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Student Scholarship Programs

    In the meantime did anyone else read about the camel to human virus leap?

  12. by   wildflower13
    NurseCrespoEM, thanks for sharing. I called the financial aid office and I was told that unless admitted, they could not help me. They told me to call back once i have been admitted to find out my financial aid options.
    I am just worried, that we are already into the the third week of November and we still don't know about our admission status Were you the one who said that you deferred admission to Spring 14?
    Thanks for sharing the article.
  13. by   NurseCrespoEm
    Wildflower13-I was NOT the one with a deferred admission to Spring 2014 already. I was just reading your background and I wanted to share with you that I, too, was a Philosophy major. I focused on non-western political science theory from the middle east in the medieval period. I went to St. John's for 2.5 years in Annapolis, and then graduated from UMD College Park. I had the desire to study old Arabic manuscripts in Beirut. I even met the woman who I wanted to work with at St. Josef's in Beirut through graduate classes I took at UMD with the main translator of both Rousseau and Averroes. I minored in Arabic in the same year they developed the Arabic minor there, 2008. And after travelling to Egypt in 2009 and studying there, I was doing painstaking translations of handwritten Arabic with a colleague right after graduation. I was on this entirely academic career track...But I was always an L.M.T. doing massage work to get through school, and my main fascination has always been health care. I have been a therapist for almost 10 years. So.....After much thought, I decided that would like to be a nurse now. Its pretty simple. I like working with people and listening to them and I like analyzing health problems as well as running around taking care of everything. So...That's me. I've got a family at 35. I don't want any more kids either. I just want to be a kick-ass nurse and step up my caring career a notch. I figure there will be plenty of work in the middle east in health care in the coming years and Arabic will be useful as well as having a cultural competency there. But I imagine you have a lot of experiences that I don't already since you've worked in radiology and in the patient-care system. I've tried to get some more health-care experience by volunteering at Shepherd's clinic as an L.M.T. working with patients coming in without insurance. I think I'll adapt well to a hospital environment, however, because I like institutions and rules, but your work has prepared you for the business and logistics of a unit. I can see why you are an excellent candidate to learn nursing. I'm so used to walking in to a room with a person who needs caring touch and understanding how to treat them from a soft-tissue perspective. I think we'd be able to learn from each other as students together. Anyway, I just hope we both get accepted. -Em
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