Transfer student vs regular freshman?

  1. I've been studying at a university for 2.5 years. By the end of this Fall I'll have completed (most) of the requirements to transfer into nursing school: anatomy w/lab, physiology w/lab, chem w/lab, sociology, psych, nutrition, math, stats, etc. My grades in these pre-req classes are really good, but not so good in my other classes (I am a Comp. Sci major.) I'm trying to get into a nursing school for Spring 2013 and have begun to start my applications. However, due to health problems and a lot of stuff going on, my university gpa is VERY low (about a 2.4).

    I'm wondering if it would be better to apply as a regular freshman and do nursing school for the full 4 years, instead of applying as a transfer student. My high school gpa was really good (a 3.4, I think) so I'm thinking my chances of getting into a good school would be better if I didn't mention my other college classes.. Is that possible?

    I've already applied to JCHS for spring as a transfer student, but I want to have some backups.. and all the schools I've looked at have a minimum gpa requirement of 2.7~3.0.

    What are my options here?
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  3. by   HM-8404
    Either way your transcripts will go with you.
  4. by   claritasd
    Yeah, your previous courses will be seen no matter what, and if you tried to hide them and the school found out, that could make you look pretty bad.

    Sorry I don't have any advice beyond that.
  5. by   luv_o_so_much
    When I first started off my very first semester a million zillion years ago I went to USD and had a car accident the night before finals. I was a passenger in the car. I ended up with a 1.69 GPA

    I went back for another year and barely got my GPA to a 2.0. Fast forward 10 years.... went back to USD got my GPA to a 2.3 I didn't want to be in school anymore. I felt like I was wasting my time and money. I had previously worked in healthcare and decided I wasn't happy with my 125k/yr job that had me chained to a desk and electronic devices. I had previously worked in healthcare and decided I would go back to something similar... fast forward again... I fell back in love with healthcare and wanted to go back for nursing.... who knew EVERYONE had decided the same. 10 yrs before hospitals were PAYING people to go to school.... at this point the cruel struggle and race was one for everyone. My GPA was not even at the MIN for applying to community colleges so I went to National figuring it was my best bet. I made sure I got straight A's in my sciences! Even with that I STILL wasn't at a cumm of 2.75 ... freaking frack....

    So I went to my closest community college and took transfer units for transfer to a state school. My plan was to get a Bach then do a 2nd degree program. To my surprise I had gotten A's in everything which brought up my cum GPA to a 2.97!! The BSN programs in my area just look at the last 60 which I had 3.7!

    I was juzt accepted into the Cal State San Marcos Gen program!

    SO .... you can raise your GPA. I took community college online courses.... some 2 at a time to bring it up. Or you can just finish your current program and do an ABSN 2nd degree program. It is possible and there is hope!

    I know you wanted to hear if you should start over.... but if your sciences are good why would you? Those evil grades of mine (btw) were originally from 1994..... YUP almost 20 years ago !!!! So no they don't go away BUT your sciences have a shelf life at most schools. Good luck! You can do this ! Just do anything you can for points!