Total Newbie Needs Help in Southern California

  1. Hello all. I just registered so please be kind. I am a 43 y/o male with a BA in Psychology and an MS in Computer Science. My wife is a 17+ year veteran of L&D nursing and I would like to make a career change.


    1. What is the fastest way to complete the science prerequisites? (anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, etc.)

    2. Should I look at BSN or MSN programs?

    3. Any school recommendations for the Diamond Bar/Yorba Linda/Brea area?

    Thanks for any and all advice and comments!
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  3. by   pknurse
    1. ISP - Accelerated College Science Program Courses and Classes, Learn Science in Months Not Years (Whittier, CA)

    2. Accelerated BSN or entry-level MSN program.

    3. ABSN, look into Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles, CA. ELM, look into CSUDH. Look everywhere. I am incredibly doubtful you will find one close, and that's implying you even get in. Case in point, two friends applied to MSMC for ABSN. One was a 3.3 GPA student with zero healthcare experience, the other 3.9 GPA with tons of experience. The former got in. It's almost luck of the draw (among other things like interviewing, etc.). If you have the money, look into West Coast University. In general, those state schools (e.g., CSUs) don't look "kindly" on BSN applicants with other degrees because of the sheer amount of credits you transfer in with.
  4. by   sarah0987
    I was in your shoes and decided to go back and do my science prereqs and wanted to get them finished as fast as possible. I quickly realized that taking your time to get an A in each course was way more important than finishing fast. The truth is you aren't competitive for accelerated BSN or ELMSN unless your sciences are a 4.0 so even if it takes longer, in the long run its better to have the A than cram them into a short time frame. Also, you may need to look into ADN at community colleges and do an ADN-BSN bridge which is much easier to get into!
  5. by   sarah0987
    Also, CSUF has an accelerated BSN they are starting but you must have an EMT or CNA certificate as well as the 4 science classes.
  6. by   jdeutsch
    I have also been looking at APU's science certificate followed by their entry-level MSN. It looks quite expensive but the time frame looks more manageable and it seems to have a decent reputation...