Time frame for posting to students and DQ. Need help

  1. I'm going to start on Feb 4 for the RN-BSN program. I need a clarification on when to post the DQ and when to respond to students.

    1) The discussion questions are due on the 3rd and 5th day, so Wed and Fri. I read the student handbook and it said BY the 3rd and 5th day. Which one is it? If I submit on Wed morning would that be considered late or do I have untl Midnight (AZ time) to submit?

    2) The advisor said the response to the students needs to be done within 24 hrs of each other? I thought I could respond at any time as long as I get the 2 students and three days a week. I work Tue-Thur, so thought I could do Mon, Thur or Fri and or Saturday.

    Can anyone help with the clarification?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    To be honest, your best source for these answers would be to ask your instructor or academic advisor. This is for two reasons:

    1: They're the ones who are grading your work and so are the ones you have to make happy.

    2. Even in the same school, the policies may vary among individual instructors. And while student handbooks are great, they're not always the most current sources of information.

    Good luck with the class!
  4. by   tokmom
    I did ask the academic advisor. She was the one that confused me. I wanted to ask someone who currently attends GCU. The policy is supposed to be the same through the entire program. That is why I wanted clarification. I'm sure it will be in the syllabus once class starts, but I wanted to hear what others said for now.
  5. by   nrsyann
    This is what I do; First DQ needs to be in by Wednesday. You can post it anytime before that. Usually I post it on Tuesday. Then I do 2 responses to 2 other students on 3 separate days. So I will have a total of 7 posts for DQ1 (my original and 6 responses to 6 different students). DQ2 needs to be in by Friday and same thing. I typically post this one on Thursday or Friday. Six responses for this one too and has to be done 3 separate days. Every due time is by midnight AZ time. So basically you are responded to a DQ every day and overlapping some. DQs also are not just, "I agree! Great post!" kind of responses. You have to show thought and effort. You need to reference your sources, too. It is not overwhelming. The initial DQs take some time because you need to actually do a little research typically.
    Hope this helps!
  6. by   tokmom
    The academic advisor said that the responses have to be done 24 hrs apart and no closer than that or they don't count?

    Can you respond to the same student twice on the same day and have it count as two, or if it's on the same day be counted as one posting?

    If you need to respond to 6 different students over the course of the week, you only have between Monday and Friday to complete, correct? Saturday would be too late.

    Boy, I work 12 hr shifts Tue-Thur. I will have to get my DQ out of the way on Monday and hope someone posts on Monday so I can squeeze in my responses to students the other 4 days.
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  7. by   nrsyann
    Here is how I do it;

    DQ1: Original post Wednesday plus two responses. Two more responses Thursday. Two more responses on Friday.
    DQ2: Original post Friday plus two responses. Two more responses Saturday. Two more responses Sunday.


    Sunday midnight GCU time is the deadline.

    Hope this helps clear things up a little.
  8. by   tokmom
    Got it, thanks!