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Summer 2017 ABSN program, Samuel Merritt

  1. 0 Hello allnurses,

    I wanted to see if there was anyone who applied for Samuel Merritt University for summer of 2017? I applied to the Oakland campus and was curious what everyone else's "stats" were and how you are feeling about it all! I would love to share with everyone my journey as well, anything to help pass time during this waiting game!

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    Hi is this waiting killing you too? I'm so nervous I can't wait to hear from them. I applied to the San Mateo location. So what are your stats? I have a B.S. in Health Administration and I graduated with a 3.83. In my sciences I have a 4.0 and on the Hesi I scored an 89.
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    Sounds similar to me

    I have a degree in Health Administration and Management. Graduated with a 3.75. My sciences a 4.0. Hesi is a 92%.

    Other than that, I've worked at John Muir Health since a month after I graduated. I volunteer for them too. I got recommendations from a nursing supervisor, a director, and a unit supervisor/my boss. I only chose the Oakland campus though, which makes me doubt my chances and I believe they like people to apply a couple times before acceptance.

    I will never give up on getting in, but I am just so ready/eager/excited/motivated/dedicated to starting this journey NOW! I work alongside nurses on a med-surg unit (and have for almost 2 years) and I feel so helpless from being incapable of providing patient-care related help.
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    Our stats are pretty similar. I work at Sutter in the Urgent Care department as a PSR. About three years ago I started volunteering their and then I got hired on after one year. My recommendation letters came from my Clinical Manager, Volunteer Coordinator and my past professor. I can't wait to hear back. I hope we both get in.
    From past post I did see that a lot of people were re applicants. I applied back in 2011 to the BSN program but I didn't get in. This will be my first time applying to this program.