Summer 2017 ABSN program, Samuel Merritt

  1. Hello allnurses,

    I wanted to see if there was anyone who applied for Samuel Merritt University for summer of 2017? I applied to the Oakland campus and was curious what everyone else's "stats" were and how you are feeling about it all! I would love to share with everyone my journey as well, anything to help pass time during this waiting game!

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  3. by   dominique1
    Hi is this waiting killing you too? I'm so nervous I can't wait to hear from them. I applied to the San Mateo location. So what are your stats? I have a B.S. in Health Administration and I graduated with a 3.83. In my sciences I have a 4.0 and on the Hesi I scored an 89.
  4. by   nicwnurse
    Sounds similar to me

    I have a degree in Health Administration and Management. Graduated with a 3.75. My sciences a 4.0. Hesi is a 92%.

    Other than that, I've worked at John Muir Health since a month after I graduated. I volunteer for them too. I got recommendations from a nursing supervisor, a director, and a unit supervisor/my boss. I only chose the Oakland campus though, which makes me doubt my chances and I believe they like people to apply a couple times before acceptance.

    I will never give up on getting in, but I am just so ready/eager/excited/motivated/dedicated to starting this journey NOW! I work alongside nurses on a med-surg unit (and have for almost 2 years) and I feel so helpless from being incapable of providing patient-care related help.
  5. by   tnbutterfly
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  6. by   dominique1
    Our stats are pretty similar. I work at Sutter in the Urgent Care department as a PSR. About three years ago I started volunteering their and then I got hired on after one year. My recommendation letters came from my Clinical Manager, Volunteer Coordinator and my past professor. I can't wait to hear back. I hope we both get in.
    From past post I did see that a lot of people were re applicants. I applied back in 2011 to the BSN program but I didn't get in. This will be my first time applying to this program.
  7. by   RNtobeee
    I applied as well. The suspense is so stressful! I have 4.0 in sciences but a CR in sociology and a C in interpersonal communications (from 1996). HESI 96.8. BS in Computer Science, MBA in Accounting, 1.5 yrs full time EMT, 2.5 yrs volunteer EMT. I don't think my letters or essays were particularly great, though. Looking at the admitted student profile makes me a bit more confident, though.

    On NursingCAS, it looks like the deadline was extended to Jan 15th, so I hope that means they didn't get as many applicants as they wanted!
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  8. by   RNtobeee
    What makes you think they like people to apply a couple times? Your background looks excellent. I would guess that they may accept weaker, but tenacious, candidates after multiple applications, and those people likely were not accepted anywhere on the first try. (and didn't win any ADN lotteries)

    I also only selected Oakland. It's a long but doable commute (1 hr), and the others would just be insane. Hope to see you in orientation! Fingers crossed!

    I wish they would email a confirmation of application, just to reassure that it was received. I have heard not a peep since applying December 1!
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  9. by   nicwnurse
    I hope we get in! Looks like we could find out as early as next week but as late as mid March
  10. by   ru11
    Anyone heard back yet? I'm getting antsy!
  11. by   nicwnurse
    There's another forum for this if you want to search! Lots of activity there. Several people have heard back but many still haven't. I got in to the Oakland cohort Monday at 8am and a chunk of people heard Friday at 8 am as well. None seem to have been sent today but someone confirmed that the applications were given to the counselors on Friday, are assigned to one of them, and it's a process for them to sort through it all. Sometimes it's up to 3 weeks for ALL to get a response best of luck to you!!
  12. by   hopefulkim99
    Hello all!

    Did anyone take pharm and patho online? If so, where at? I've recently decided to apply to SMU! I had no idea there were so navy prerequisites lol, plus an exam.

    Thank you!