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  1. 0 Hey guys, I'm new to this website as a member and I wanted to start this thread for students that have attended or are attending SOUTH UNIVERSITY... (any campus really).. I haven't see hardly any postings regarding this school. I have just been accepted to the BSN program for the Spring of 2014 starting in April. I am attending the TAMPA FL campus and I was curious to hear from everyone or anyone that has attended this school or will be attending.

    I would love to get info on any and all topics. Including how the program was for you? When your starting or started? What was your experience with the school? How many days in between quarters do you get for breaks? Does anyone have books for sale? Just general questions .... etc etc

    Thanks in advance, MiniB
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    Hey! Congratulations on your acceptance! I was hoping someone would've responded. I'm considering South University after I finish my prereqs. Please update as you continue on your journey at the school. I'll be curious to hear what you have to say. Hopefully, your experience will be positive! Where did you take your prereqs? Or will you be taking them at SU as well?
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    I am also wondering how South University of Tampa is? I am on the fence if I should apply there because I can start sooner, or wait and apply to USF. It would be nice to hear some feedback.
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    I took my pre-req's at a community college in Texas, as that is where I am from, moved to Tampa about 7 months ago. I took one quarter of classes (1 semester) of pre-req's that I needed at SU and then applied to the program.
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    SO far my experience has been pretty good. No real issues, it is an expensive school but other than that I haven't really had any negative issues thus far…the nursing program is 7 quarters long and each quarter is 11 weeks. SO you can finish your bsn nursing degree in 21 months is what I was told. I start in less than 2 weeks so I will keep everyone posted (time permitting) as I go.
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    btw there is another thread regarding South U Tampa…just google all nurses su tampa or type it in the search bar, there is a little more info there fro others that have been in the program..I'm on there as well, hopefully more will join and respond as there is not much on SU-T on here so far.

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