SHSU Fall 2018- The Woodlands

  1. I didn't see a thread for the Fall 2018 applicants to Sam Houston State University, so I thought I'd start one. This year, the entire program will be housed in The Woodlands, TX. The application period opened on March 1 and closes May 1. Is anyone else out there applying?
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  3. by   healthhopeful
    I figured I'd move over here, lol! I've got an appointment with the Woodlands Lady on Monday to see if I can possibly even jump through all of the hoops in time for the May 1st deadline. If I could go there, it would be so much more convenient for me than UT HSC. Is there a Spring start at all, or just every fall?
  4. by   Gen X
    There's a spring and a fall start. So if you miss it this time, you have another shot just a few months later. I live in The Woodlands, so this is a much better commute anyway.
  5. by   healthhopeful
    That's great that they have a Spring start as well. I'll have to see how things work out after speaking with the advisor. I live in Spring right off of 99 so the Woodlands is easier for me, also. I did worry about going to the Med Center and that's one of the major complaints in the reviews of UT HSC is that it's far too easy to be late to class/clinicals for a commuter. ANyway, thanks for your help and for starting this thread!
  6. by   murseboy
    I'm also applying for Fall 2018, I applied for the Spring 2018 but I was denied. So this will be my second time applying to SHSU's Nursing Program.