SF State vs. UCSF 2014

  1. So I've decided to take the big plunge and apply for graduate school for Fall 2014. As I live in the Bay Area, I've focused on both San Francisco State University and University of California-San Francisco. I've seen a few posts from past years, but not a lot of recent activity.

    I've been an ICU nurse for the past 20+-years but after some health issues, I'm not able to do that anymore and i'm looking to branch out into the public health/community health arena as an AP community health nurse, specifically working in the area of HIV care.

    I considered the NP route, but I decided that would limit me in expanding my role in the future (anywhere from case management to public policy implementation). I'm definitely thinking down the road in terms of career longevity, but in an area that interests me.

    Anyone else applying to these programs? I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say and what spurred you to decide both the schools and the role.

    Or just to commiserate on the application and selection processes! :***:
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  3. by   futureeastcoastNP
    I wish you luck, you have a great background and will likely do wonderful. I do know that for FNP, UCSF is too of the top, but I'm not sure how that affects what you're doing. Also, Columbia University has an HIV NP certification if you're interested.