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Anyone who is applying to the spring 2014 ADN program at SJDC want to share info with one another? I do not believe there has been a thread started as of yet. So does anyone know the point range that was admitted into the program... Read More

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    On the Tb test, there are three options. If you do the screen for the antibodies, then that is acceptable three months prior to the start of the program, or at least this is what it says on the form for the labs. (this was the option that my dr. chose to do, when I explained to her the timeframe that we are under.) I think we have to upload everything on e*value tracker. I can't seem to figure out how to create my account. When I called e*value, they told me that we as students cannot set up our own account. It's all very confusing. I am hoping that we can all get more clarity in our orientation on the 21st.

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    I called the school this morning, and per HS, they want the second TB to be no longer than 60 days from first clinical. They understand that the dates are not adding up so she told me she was informing students to get the second TB screening within the first 2 weeks in December. She took my name as verification that I will be doing so. Also, they will be sending out an email regarding e value instructions. Just wanted to pass the info...
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    Thanks @ lbueno! And yes this is all very confusing... and there is a lack of communication it seems from those in charge! Hope this isn't a precursor of whats to come over the next two years!!! Yikes
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    So... Background and drug test results do not need to be uploaded by us to evalue tracker? I also called the school and spoke to C. Navarro, she said to create an acct on the evalue website and to upload my results... I couldn't even create an acct... Awaiting email with instructions...
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    Yes, my understanding is that evalue is strictly for immunization records. No luck here logging in either and no further instructions on how to do it! Frustrating... at least we have a bit of time to do so. I am guessing that we just scan the pages in that have been filled out by our physicians/NP's?
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    I called e*value directly and they told me that we cannot set up our own account as a student, and that it has to be done for us by an administrator in the nursing program. Very frustrating!! Hopefully at orientation we will get this all straightened out.
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    has anyone recieved any new emails regarding the program, other than the email stating that they have recieved your 'acceptance' into the program?
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    No, nothing, have you? I know we should be receiving an email regarding e*value instructions soon.
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    Haven't received anything either other than a response to an email I sent regarding the TB test. She said as long as the first one is uploaded and the second one is in progress we are fine. However... We have no idea how to upload anything!
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    I haven't recieved any emails either.

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