San Joaquin Delta College Fall 2017

  1. Hi everybody, I decided to make a thread for everyone applying to SJDC's nursing program for the Fall 2017 semester. This is a good space to collaborate and share information, exchange scores, etc etc

    The application was supposed to open "the first week of February", and today is the 7th but there is still no application or update of any kind on the site. Does anybody have any information about this? I'm getting anxious checking every day and I just want to apply already!
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  3. by   Marie_6
    I have been wondering the same thing! Hi, I'm Monica. I'm applying for both MJC and Delta ADN programs. I haven't yet taken my TEAS but am scheduled to do so next week. I currently have 65 points on the MJC application, not sure yet of Delta's criteria, I can't find the current application link. Please post link, if you know of it.
  4. by   lkazemi91
    Hello Monica. Good luck on your TEAS! I just took mine at MJC the 27th.

    I called Delta this morning to ask when their application was going up, and they told me that they are having difficulties. They said it could be up as late as March, but to "keep checking in every day so you don't miss it." There still hasn't been any updates reflecting what they told me on their website, which is utterly ridiculous.

    You can calculate your points for Delta's program with the following link. I will be applying with a total of 82.5 points.
  5. by   em779
    Hello! I also called this morning and was told that they will be changing the website on Monday to state that the application will be open in March. I know they had a similar problem last year for the Fall application. They just kept telling people to keep checking and the application didn't open until March 16th.

    I am applying to the Delta and Los Medanos ADN programs and I am applying to Delta with 84 points. I also just took my TEAS last week, though I did it at Sac State. Good Luck!
  6. by   Javila424
    I have 68.5 according to the 2016 adn admission criteria
  7. by   lkazemi91
    Has anybody tried to apply yet? I tried to start my application just now, but it keeps saying "invalid login" when I enter my Delta ID and birth date. I triple checked that I was typing in the correct information, and in the correct format. I also made sure that I do not have any admission holds, and I don't. I emailed the health science division already, but I'm wondering if anybody else has had this issue, or if anyone has been able to successfully log in to the application.
  8. by   Marie_6
    They give you login info
  9. by   em779
    I just tried and was able to log in and start the application. I would try again today and see if it works. I know in the past the application didn't work the first day it was up, so maybe it's the same case this year. Also, I would call instead of emailing. When I emailed about a different problem, I never got a reply. Hope you can get it to work!
  10. by   lkazemi91
    Surprisingly, they emailed back right away and fixed it. The application is... archaic for lack of a better word. I think its ironic that they'll disqualify us for something small like putting "BIOL 32" instead of "BIOL 032", but their application is a month late and riddled with errors. There was also no option to choose "TEAS 6" when they ask for your TEAS score, and on that page, it said "Attention Spring 2012 applicants" and that only TEAS 5 would be accepted. They also listed Anatomy as a 3 unit class in their example....

    Way to set an example, Delta College HS division.
  11. by   Javila424
    Is anyone having trouble seeing the NEXT button on the screen and then in a page sudden you cant scroll down to push next ??
  12. by   princessemma
    try to zoom out your browser
  13. by   skwaria4
    Hello everyone, I want to ask if you guys got a confirmation email from Delta that they received you application? I applied but didn't got any email back. I think maybe something is wrong with the system. Before taking any further actiions, I was thinking it is good to check with the rest of the applicants. Thank you!
  14. by   Faith2BAnurse
    Hi there! Have you received confirmation of your application yet? I applied the 9th and I have not heard back. Thanks