Samuel Merritt University ELM FNP Spring 2014

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    Hello! I am applying for the Sacramento campus' ELM FNP program and I was wondering who else is applying for this program? My GPA isn't the greatest because I got a C in micro which I am planning on retaking but not until after the app is due :/ what do other people's GPA look like?

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    I finished my application last week. Im a med school dropout, 90 on teas and 4.0 sgpa
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    I applied, have not received a confirmation whether or not my application was received. From what I hear its not all about grades. Its important to live a lifestyle similar to those of a provider. Its interesting to see how many people with 4.0's and perfect teas scores don't get in because they lack social skills and experience. So don't worry!

    I'm wondering when they will get in touch with applicants. I wish the best of luck of all of you out there!
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    I also applied for the July app deadline. My overall gpa is 3.63, but I think my Science gpa is 3.3 because I got a C+ in Stats. I received an email a few days ago about the receipt of my app and the review process and timeline. Good luck to all of us!
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    Has anyone applied to any other programs in the area?
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    Hey Lisa, I also applied to this program with a 3.59 overall GPA and internship experience. However I have not heard from then since turning in my application.. I turned it in by hand the day before it was due so I am worried. has anyone else heard back confirming receipt of their app?
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    Also, I applied previously to Samuel
    Merritt to the Oakland campus , got an interview, but unfortunately didn't get in. My interview skills were not great because I was not prepared for a group interview at all so I did not stand out of the crowd
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    Hi Hchumbar, did you drop off your app at the Oakland Campus? My app was mailed in. I'm sure you'll hear back soon. I hope I get a chance at an interview. I guess we have to play the waiting game thru maybe October.
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    Hey Lisa, yeah I dropped my app off at Oakland. I actually called them today because I also applied to Azusa pacific and already received a interview from them. Samuel Merritt said confirmed they received my app and that I would hear from them within 3 months. Those are the only two schools I applied to.. Will apply to more for the nov 1 deadline if I don't get in. *fingers crossed*
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    Has anyone heard anything from Samuel Merritt yet!?

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