Samuel Merritt University ELM FNP Spring 2014 - page 5

Hello! I am applying for the Sacramento campus' ELM FNP program and I was wondering who else is applying for this program? My GPA isn't the greatest because I got a C in micro which I am planning on retaking but not until after... Read More

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    Hchumbar - Sent u a PM

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    I interview on the 21st also! Yay! Has anyone heard any good advice for the group interview?
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    I just had my interview on Saturday! It was unlike any interview I've ever been to. My advise: speak up as much as you can! I wish I could have said more
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    I also believe I previously described what's it's like
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    Has anyone gotten a phone call, email or denial letter yet? Still waiting... Should hear from SMU this week!
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    I know I'm anxiously waiting over here! Will definitely update on here if I find anything out
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    I'm assuming we will hear tomorrow for acceptance and Thursday for wait-list. That's how it was last year at least.
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    Good morning all. Haven't heard anything yet. Fingers still crossed. Hopefully we all get some good news soon!
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    --hchumbar-- if you don't mind me asking, when you applied before what number were you wait listed at? I also applied last year so I'm sure we met in the interview on 9/14. I was wait listed #12 last year for Sac Spring 2013
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    Hi hmmok, actually I wasn't wait listed at all! I got denied admission there.

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