RT to RN Programs

  1. I have been doing some research for RT to RN programs. I have found a few in Florida, like Valencia Community College. I found one in Arkansas, two in Kansas, one in Mississippi, one in Michigan. Has anyone heard of any really good ones. A RN friend of mine told me that you have to be careful because some hospitals may not accept a RN that took a bridge program. Any Advice?
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  3. by   pknurse
    Are you sure your friend is being...truthful? Ask your friend, "Okay, what hospitals don't 'allow' RT-to-RN students?" And then call the hospital's HR department and ask. Do you want to throw away your future based on what your friend said?

    It really doesn't matter where you go: If the RN school is accredited and you get your license, you are a RN regardless of the reputation of the school you went to.
  4. by   GCmomRN
    I was an RT and I went through Excelsior for my RN. You do have to be careful since some states will not accept Excelsior grads (Florida and California plus a bunch of the other states have restrictions).
  5. by   msr91331
    No I trust my friend. The hospitals she worked at has no problems. I think she is more meaning like just to do as much research as possible.