Renton Technical College RN Program Fall 2013

  1. Hello all!

    Since no one else started a forum for RTC RN program for this upcoming Fall 2013 quarter I thought I might as well! Anyone else applied?! Applicants are chosen by lottery so lets keep our fingers crossed!

    Also, current students or alumni please feel free to comment and share your wisdom!

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  3. by   Brightbulb
    I applied there. Just waiting to hear back.
  4. by   PBJBanana88
    They told me students have already been selected and now they're just waiting for Allied Health to review everything else, such as immunizations. So we'll def hear back soon! Really hoping to start somewhere this Fall 2013
  5. by   Brightbulb
    I have applied there before but was rejected because i didn't have Tdap. I took them only 2 wks to reply back. they call u on your phone to tell.

    Have u gotten call yet?? I just wanna know if i got in or not so I can decide between 2 programs.
  6. by   PBJBanana88
    I haven't heard anything back yet, hopefully it wont be too much longer because I am on the same boat as you. If this then that. It has been 3 weeks already and the sheet they gave us said up to 5 weeks. I hope it will be sooner!!
  7. by   PBJBanana88
    Oops I lied the sheet said 6 weeks
  8. by   beeskipper1023
    Hello there!

    I applied as well. I haven't heard back either and I'm so anxious! lol.. I have all my immunizations completed. My friend applied there too and she's missing her third hep B shot, they have not called her yet either. May I ask who told you about students being picked already? coz I asked the front desk and they didn't know anything. I also applied to Tacoma Community College and they're application process is soooooooo easy compare to RTC..
  9. by   Brightbulb
    I don't what is taking them so long to make decision. Hopefully they will tell us by next week!!
  10. by   PBJBanana88
    I called them today and they said they're half way done and we'll recirve a call the same day they decide within the next two weeks. I also applied for TCC
  11. by   Brightbulb
    I am starting my other program today and will be paying tuition fee and there is no refund after today. I wish Renton had replied back by now. I wish all of u good luck
  12. by   PBJBanana88
    @brightbulb- Ahh Congrats!!!! Where are u going if u don't mind me asking?!?
  13. by   Brightbulb
    I got into UW health managment and health informatics certificate program back in may. But I was just waiting to see if I can get into nursing program and do my master's in informatics afterward.
  14. by   PBJBanana88
    @brightbulb- That's awesome! I got into UW HIHIM program to start this Summer but gave it up in hopes to get into nursing at RTC lol! Good luck with everything!